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Rolls Royce

In 1971, Princess Alexandra of Kent, the first cousin of Queen Elizabeth II of Britain, commissioned a limousine for her protocol needs. The car was the pinnacle of luxury vehicles of the time: The Rolls Royce Phantom VI. The limousine was handmade for two years to make it the way the princess wanted it.

Princess Alexandra of Kent probably never got behind the wheel. The Phantom VI is the last generation of classic Rolls Royce’s with a sliding glass barrier, which separates a large passenger compartment from the driver’s compartment. The princess travelled in its comfort to numerous honorary and work duties, being among the most active and popular members of the royal family.

Today, you and your guests can enjoy this remarkable Rolls Royce, now owned by Russian Dacha. Accompanying the limousine are always two members of staff of Russian Dacha. Just like Princess Alexandra, you too will be driven by a professional driver. From start to finish, our members of staff will make sure the ladies feel like princesses and gentlemen like kings.

”The customer is king”

Do you have a business partner you would like to show special honour to? Give him/her the luxury experience of driving in a royal limousine.

”Every woman deserves to be treated like a princess”

Is your wedding day approaching? Another family celebration? This unique limo is perfect for your unique day. Fit for a princess.

Stories about extraordinary limousines

Royal Rolls Royce

In 1971, Princess Alexandra, the first cousin of Queen Elizabeth II of Britain, ordered a limousine for her official use – the Rolls Royce Phantom VI.

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Limousines – comfort for passengers

Rolls Royce is not only a car but an entity on wheels, as written in 2018 upon the 50th anniversary of the first Phantom VI.

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Handmade Rolls Royce

The luxurious vehicle was handmade for two years. The car commissioned in 1971 was, therefore, first registered in 1973.

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