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Russian Dacha caviar

True caviar – such that may be officially called so – is made from the sturgeon family of fish. A culinary experience at Russian Dacha features caviar made from Russian sturgeon (Acipenser gueldenstaedtii), which is considered to be the most traditional of premium caviar types and one of the most appreciated by connoisseurs. It is the true and first caviar under a Slovenian brand. It is prepared for Russian Dacha by Caviar Giaveri, a renowned Italian producer.

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Russian Dacha caviar is packed in 15-gram and 30-gram elegant and cooled containers. Due to product characteristics, it may only be collected personally or delivered to Ljubljana and its outskirts (up to 25km). All prices include VAT.

It is believed that caviar is best eaten on buttered toast. The Russian tradition, however, calls for warm blini – small thick pancakes – as the base for caviar. Blini are topped with some crème fraîche, followed by well cooled caviar.

To place caviar on the table at the right temperature, there are special cup servers in which a covered glass or porcelain (but not metal) inner cup holding caviar is placed in ice, which is filled in the outer container.

Caviar typically tastes of fish, differing from species to species, and partly also depending on the environment in which fish live. True caviar almost melts in your mouth and there is a ritual as to how to serve caviar properly on the table. Although caviar is a fairly durable dish due to its salt content, its taste is quickly ruined by contact with metal. That is why there are special caviar spoons made of wood, bones and, as the most luxurious version, mother-of-pearl. Naturally, Russian Dacha caviar may also be complemented by excellent Russian Dacha champagne.