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Seeking a universal gift that will not go amiss? Russian Dacha voucher will provide your loved ones, friends or business partners with a truly special and memorable experience. At the same time, it will allow them to choose from  Russian Dacha products and services they wish. It provides stories, flavours, memories and experiences. The value of a voucher is set at your choice, the lowest value recommended being €30. A voucher as a present yields several advantages and benefits to those who receive it:

  • Recipients may use vouchers within a year of their issuance.
  • They can arrange a special date to use a selected service.
  • Vouchers may be used for a single service or in combination with other services.
  • Recipients may also transfer a voucher to a new beneficiary.

A voucher is a practical and modern gift tailored to each individual.

For more information and procurement of vouchers, please contact, +386 590 74 73 or complete the online form.