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Russian Dacha in Zgornje Gameljne was proclaimed a cultural monument in 2011, by a decree of the City of Ljubljana. Since the end of 2016, it has been owned by Ruska dača d.o.o., which immediately began restoration under the watchful supervision of the Institute for the Protection of Cultural Heritage. Restoration of the exterior was completed in October 2018. After more than two years, the carefully furnished interior of the villa also got its final image and is available for guided tours.

After being left abandoned and decaying for more than a decade, this beauty has regained the image in which it shone in 1908. Thus, today, the villa reflects the colours it proudly displayed before World War I. The restoration was carried out in accordance with the conservation plan. Each piece of wood was examined by restoration specialists and carefully evaluated to see if it could be restored, or if a replica was needed. The stained-glass windows, special interior wall paintings in individual rooms, as well as the wooden ceiling and all the floors, have been restored. The ground floor also has a four-colour polished terrazzo. In furnishing, we paid attention to the smallest detail. Every piece of furniture, every painting, every cup, vase, book, chandelier, wall light – everything was carefully selected and dates back to the time between the turn of the century and World War I. Russian Dacha brings a remarkable enrichment of the tourist, cultural, culinary, and adventure services, not only in Gameljne and Ljubljana, but in the whole of Slovenia. Guests are kindly invited to our regular guided tours. The villa will offer a variety of events and experiences; as early as this autumn, you can expect a bigger, pleasant, interesting and rich surprise. A summer garden with a café will also open in the spring. We kindly invite you to subscribe to our newsletter, where we will regularly and gladly inform you of all news and events, and will certainly pleasantly surprise you.