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Acquisition of development funds

Tourist product development funds obtained by the Russian Dacha

The company Ruska dača d.o.o. has obtained funds for the development of the “Russian Dacha – an experience of culture, cuisine and history” tourist product within the scope of the Public call for co-financing the development and promotion of integral products in tourism, as published by the Ministry for Economic Development and Technology. The total value of the operation amounts to €279,300 (excluding VAT), which was co-financed in the amount of €195,510. The purpose of the operation is to include cultural heritage in the tourist offer, thus providing an integral tourist product intended for more demanding guests who seek no mass tourism but diverse experiences and relaxation.

The Company’s design of its tourist products and services is based on cultural heritage, gastronomy and history, which represent the fundamental elements of the innovative integrated tourist product.

The basis of offered products and services will comprise the following:

– The house as a cultural monument: all furniture in the house (including the slightest details) will be selected so as to comply with the period in which the house was built; visitors can thus learn about life in suburban houses at the end of the 19th century. The house will have a room for small groups of guests who may indulge in culinary delicacies. The villa will also provide accommodation and a small library. It will be possible to hire the entire house within the scope of the company’s tourist offer. Special attention will be placed on various works of art, which will also match the historical period of the building.
– Culinary experiences: cuisine will be related to the period at the end of the 19th century and the topic of a cultural monument, thus featuring menus based on recipes from that period and named after significant events, rulers, authors or artists from that period.
– Relaxation in the Russian banya: the Russian banya is one of the oldest ways to relax and clean your body. In past, the Russian banya was an important acquisition for every Russian family and an indispensable element of dachas at that time. The Russian banya will be set up separately near the house and will be made entirely out of wood.
– Events: at prior request of visitors, we will organise various thematic events for small groups (e.g. business meetings, weddings, gala dinners, celebrations, etc.). In relation to organised individual events, it will also be possible to hire the entire house for accommodation.

New tourist products will also include products and souvenirs branded Russian Dacha, i.e. food products and distinguishing alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. Products will be topical and related to the period and content design of the cultural monument Russian Dacha.

Products and services within the scope of the comprehensive Russian Dacha tourist product will become an important part of the Ljubljana tourist offer.

The new Russian Dacha tourist product will enrich the tourist offer in Ljubljana and its outskirts, thus further strengthening the role of cultural heritage in tourism. Last, but not least, it will also demonstrate the good practice of including cultural heritage in tourist products and services.