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Champagne Russian Dacha

Champagne, the best and most famous sparkling wine in the world. Champagne Russian Dacha comes from the spectacular vineyards of the house Vilmart & Cie, off the slopes of the village of Rilly la Montagne in Champagne, the most famous wine-producing region in the world. Only sparkling wines from this region of France that are prepared solely and only by the traditional champagne method, may be called champagne. The legendary house of our champagne was founded in 1872 by Desiré Vilmart.

Champagne Russian Dacha Vilmart & Cie Grand Cellier is the first champagne in Slovenia under a Slovenian brand. A sparkling wine that reflects the sophisticated character of the Russian Dacha. We invited the wine expert Robert Gorjak to the selection, who thought “Grower Champagne” is the direction we should be going for. At the private tasting, we selected the sample which offered excellent quality, was the best match for caviar, reasonably priced, and had its own personality. Champagne Russian Dacha Vilmart & Cie Grand Cellier offers it all.

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Champagne Russian Dacha is available in 0.75 l bottles in an elegant gift bag. Alternatively, you can also choose wooden gift packaging. All prices include VAT.

At Vilmart & Cie, which is one of the houses with prestigious Récoltant Manipulant status. They have been producing champagne since 1890 when private manufacturers were much rarer than they are today. Champagne Russian Dacha Vilmart & Cie Grand Cellier is produced from chardonnay (70%) and pinot noir (30%) grapes, ripened in the village of Rilly-la Montagne. The village is located in the Montagne de Reims region and bears the premier cru label. The base wine of the current bottling is the 2015 vintage.

Why is champagne the best sparkling wine? Many will say: “climate”, some “soil”, others “varieties” … Everything is true, but at the same time, another key component is know-how. The region of Champagne has over 34,000 hectares of vineyards, which is an area twice the size of Slovenia, and practically all grapes are transformed into champagne there, with only nuances of still wine. In this region, a good hour and a half drive east of Paris, people from the wine industry think of nothing but bubbles.

Real champagne can be enjoyed all day long – from seven in the morning to one at night. This is the privilege of the most prestigious drink in the world. After drinking real champagne, produced by the traditional champagne method and composed grape varieties pinot noir and chardonnay, there are no headaches. However, it should be noted that the Minister of Health warns: “Consumption of alcohol may be harmful to your health”

With a few years of ageing, the Russian Dacha Champagne will impress you with its full body and exceptional colour. Wine connoisseurs are particularly enthusiastic, as it remains extremely fresh and clean. For a special gourmet experience, you can also complement it with the excellent Russian Dacha Caviar.