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Limousines – comfort for passengers

”This Rolls Royce is not only a car, but an entity on wheels.”

That was written in 2018 upon the 50th anniversary of the manufacture of the first out of 374 Phantoms VI models made until 1992. The primary concern in the manufacture of a limousine such as the Rolls Royce Phantom VI was passenger comfort. Leaf springs on rear wheels and a wheelbase of 3.7 metres ensure that passengers experience the ride as “stately sliding”. The partition between the passenger cabin and driver’s cabin and thick electric windows provide a practically inaudible ride. During the ride, you can enjoy the music coming from the old radio or a new player. Princess Alexandra of Britain, for whom the 6-metre-long limousine was made, had a radio and tape recorder along with a dictating machine built in the place where a bar is usually found. Hence, she could also work while on the road. Her tape recorder was recently replaced with a modern player system. However, it remains built in the central cabinet lined with original walnut root wood like other wooden surfaces in the passenger cabin. There is thick and soft wool carpet on the floor. The extremely comfortable seats are covered with original beige West of English Cloth. The latter is a special type of fabric that has been manufactured under a special procedure in western England since the Middle Ages. Therefore, it is called the “West of England Cloth”. It is known for its firmness, heavy weight and durability. While sheiks tend to order leather seats for their limousines, the English court has stayed true to the West of England Cloth.

The Rolls Royce Phantom VI is registered for seven persons, five of whom may sit in the passenger cabin, i.e. three on passenger seats and two on folding seats. For a true royal experience in the limousine, we recommend two passengers, but you can also travel alone. Every passenger seat has wide arm rests and a reading light on the ceiling. The air conditioning of the passenger cabin is completely separated from the driver’s section. Vent slots are mounted throughout the length of the ceiling, so you need not be afraid that your head will be in the draught.

The total height of 180cm ensures that you need not bend much when coming out of the car. The doors to the passenger cabin open in the opposite direction from normal – the direction of driving. That provides an easier and more elegant exit from the car. Door opening, however, is not the concern of passengers. When you arrive at your destination, you should sit in the limousine until your escort from the Russian Dacha opens the doors for you.