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Photoshoots at Russian Dacha

Russian Dacha is a wonderful villa and a magnificent setting for taking photos of important events that you wish to keep in fondest memory. Russian Dacha is also a cultural monument.

It is just perfect for wedding photography. It is a place where you will capture a moment of peace and relaxation, where your heartbeat is raised by an important event and invited guests, where nerves take your breath away or where tears blur your view. You will fully succumb to creating the best memories for yourself and everyone behind you. You can calmly let yourself go to your photographer or cameraman and present your wedding or any other memorable story in the best possible image.

Wedding pictures are a family heritage left forever to you, your children and generations to come. Hence, capture your wedding day in an environment where the excitement and beauty of the wedding day are complemented by elegance, selective produce, aesthetics and culture.

The villa provides three historical salons for photoshoots featuring unique products and furniture, a shed and a balcony with a magnificent view of the rising or setting sun. Your picture may also capture the romantic undulation of the nearby Gameljščica stream.

A beautiful park will be arranged by the villa that may inspire many creative solutions for your photoshoot.

Price for the villa rental for a photoshoot:

  • 150 euros per hour (excluding VAT)
  • a present for newlyweds by the Russian Dacha – two champagne glasses in love