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Privacy Policy

The Data Controller Ruska dača d.o.o., Škrjančevo 1, 1235 Radomlje is a privacy-friendly company that respects both the personal data protection laws and your preferences. You are kindly invited to read more about the processing of personal data in the sections below, which are divided according to the type of your relationship with us or the purpose of the processing of personal data.

In case we need your data, we will notify you, explain why we need it, for what purpose we will process it, and in certain cases, ask you to voluntarily provide us with the data together with your consent to process it. if you wish, you may terminate our communication at any time and request the erasure of your personal data.


Our website uses two types of cookies: Necessary and analytical.

Necessary cookies are required for the smooth operation of the site (e.g. video and audio playback), and analysis of the use of the website. They are installed when you perform any action on a website by clicking on easy links. We do not need to obtain your consent under the GDPR for these cookies. If you have completely disabled all cookies in your browser, you may not be able to browse our site. All necessary cookies are first-party cookies, which we have set so that the IP addresses of users are automatically hidden. Where indicated in the table below, personal data processed using cookies is processed for us by third parties (cookies are stored with them). With transfers to non-EU countries, the country and the protection measure applied are also indicated.

Necessary cookies are:

Session Providing a user session until the end of the session or browser closure Ruska dača d.o.o.

Analytical cookies help us adapt the site as much as possible to the wishes of our users and their habits. The purpose of these cookies is therefore to analyse the visits to the website and the habits of its users.

Analytical cookies on our website are:

_ga Statistic of site visits 2 years Google Analytics (Google Inc., ZDA)
_gid, gat_ gtag_UA_127440254_1 Statistic of site visits 1 day Google Analytics (Google Inc., ZDA)


Third-party cookies on our website are:

DSID Show targeted ads based on previous visits to this site and measure the conversion rate of ads presented to the user. 1,5 years DoubleClick
lidc, lang, bcookie, bscookie Targeting ads based on anonymous user information to show personalised ads. 1 day to 2 years LinkedIn

How can I exercise my rights?

You can exercise your rights at any time by regular post to the above address, or by email to In order to know that we are exercising the rights to the correct person, you will be asked to provide identification or information that will uniquely identify you.

Which rights regarding the processing of personal data can be exercised depends on the type of contact you have with us. You can always read more about your rights under the specific situations described on this site.